About The Company

The Incubator supporting Green IT Globe

Our current active project which takes about all of our time is Green IT Globe.

The success behind our incubator is based on following principles:

  • Values - we find it important that our startups follow a set of values
  • Invention - invention has be disruptive, and not promising incremental added-value.
  • International - the world has been globalized since decades, our teams are working from all continents.

Incubaid is also very proud to be a true social responsible company, in following domains:

  • Eco-friendly technology - making technology much more greener, even 100% green!
  • Emerging markets - making technology accessible by and available to the other billion people
  • Open-source software - giving technology back to the mass, collaborate and innovate on a global level
  • Employment - enabling technology to be deployed locally, creating jobs and opportunities

Incubaid is software-driven. We automate processes as much as we can to help our portfolio companies to gain efficiencies while growing much faster than any other incubator or investor can do.

We help different software domains and portfolio companies:

  • Blockchain technology
  • Big data compute platforms
  • High-performance storage algorithms
  • Cloud automation and virtualization
  • Automated deployment of mobile apps
  • Encryption technology and secure communication