Founded: 2008

Amplidata’s primary offering is Himalaya, an advanced object storage software product that enables scale-out software-defined storage systems. By delivering industry leading scalability with the efficiency, resiliency, and flexibility required for demanding cloud data center environments, Amplidata’s products and technology have earned the trust of leading OEMs and cloud service providers.

Exit: 2015

Western Digital Corporation (NASDAQ: WDC) acquired Amplidata to support strategy to expand into higher value storage platforms and systems that deliver breakthrough value and scalability to address the massive growth in storage requirements in cloud data centers.

  • 2008 founded in Lochristi (Belgium),
  • 2009 development office opened in Cairo (Egypt)
  • 2010 sales office opened in California (USA)
  • 2012 OEM agreement with Quantum for Amplidata’s AmpliStor XT technology
  • 2013 HGST announces joint development partner with Amplidata for its Active Archive platform
Today: The Third Platform

Active Archive: Innovating in the Third Platform

The storage ecosystem continues to transform with a greater focus on how data is stored, accessed, and protected. As a result, storage has become a key enabler of the information technology industry‘s transition to the “Third Platform” of computing, as the world becomes more data-centric. Dynamic provisioning of cloud-scale computing assets is the essence of the Third Platform, which is driving new customer requirements and transforming business models. HGST’s Active Archive solutions are purpose-built to address the need for rapid access to the massive data stores in computing’s Third Platform using Amplidata.