Blockchain Identity Management

Founded in 2015

Blockchain driven identity management system founded as research project at Green IT Globe. Early-stage startup company managed by Incubaid, and privately funded by the founders and Green IT Globe.

Product Design is a web-based service using blockchain distributed ledger to keep track of online interaction in which you provide identity information. As a persona you can release only the necessary parts of identity information needed to complete an online transaction: e-commerce purchase, web registration or contract signature.


At Incubaid and Green IT Globe we believe in our privacy rights. Privacy is a human right and should not be controlled by commercial organizations such as Facebook, Alphabet (Google) and Microsoft (LinkedIn). Our project is an open-source project using blockchain technology in which we eliminate the middle-man. Your identity is in your hands and is being managed directly with you, while all transactions about and around your identity are being executed on a public ledger. This also means that parties dealing with you as a persona are protected and are guaranteed about the integrity of the transaction.

Technology is using the blockchain technology from