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Europe's First ThreeFold Farming Co-operative

Start farming ThreeFold Tokens in an easy "plug & farm" way with one of our certified node servers.

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The Problem

At the launch of the ThreeFold Grid a lot of people ventured into DIY farming, and with success as the grid has grown immensly. Still some people did not want to dive into installing their own farming equipment or building it from scratch. 

The BetterToken Solution

BetterToken has developed a easy way to start farming ThreeFold tokens. Customers can easily select a SoHo server and it's specification in the webshop. BetterToken makes sure this server then is 100% farming ready all the customer needs to do is plug in the ethernet cable and powercable to start farming ThreeFold Tokens. Upside to farming with BetterToken Soho-Nodes is that all equipment is certified by ThreeFold and this makes that cultivation tokens are released sooner than tokens cultivated on DIY Farms.

EASY AS 1 2 3

Plug and Farm NodeServers make it possible for all tech levels to jump in. We aim to make it possible for you to invest in the grid, plug in your server, and get it working in minutes. No long difficult procedures.


BetterToken provides Nodeservers varying from 1K – 20k+. The range consists of ultra-silent home devices to rack-mountable 2U devices to run in your (local) datacenter.


Use the Node Server configurator in our ServerShop to configure exactly the server you want. You can choose from our range of ThreeFold Certified Hardware to create any server from a home office quiet running server to a fully loaded compute engine or hundreds of terabytes of storage.

BetterToken Roadmap


Genesis Pool Cooperative

First European ThreeFold Farming Cooperative


SoHo Node Vendor

Released Multiple Node Servers to Make Threefold Farming Easy for all. 



Expand Co-Farming Pool in Lochristi
Start Cloud Farming Offer


We believe doing good for the world and doing business can go hand in hand.