Founded in 2000

Dedigate was on of the 2 startups which Kristof created when he left PSINet. At PSINet Kristof had build multiple datacenters and one of the first complex managed hosting providers in the world. PSINet was the first American commercial ISP in the world, with the biggest network at that point. He and his co-founders Joost, Jan and others were passionate to show how hosting which was super complex at that point could be automated and made more reliable while keeping the cost under control.

Dedigate was one of the first Managed Service Providers in Europe, with headquarters in Belgium, and activities in France, Germany and The Netherlands. It was running managed services in more than 10 datacenters and had a turnover of $7 milion at point of acquisition. Lots of famous sites at that point were hosted by Dedigate. Dedigate was focused on big complex hosting projects, while Hostbasket was focussed on the smaller customers.

Dedigate claim to fame was SLA’s, in stead of selling a hosted hardware box in a datacenter, customers got clear Service Levels and Dedigate took care or all scaling, automation & monitoring requirements.

Automation was a big part of their business, because automation allowed rapid scaling and better uptime, today this is a normal requirement but back in 2000 this was very innovative.

Exit: 2005

Terremark acquired Dedigate to grow its activities from a pure datacenter provider to managed hosting. Terremark became part of Verizon soon after.


Dedigate provides managed dedicated, secure hosting services to enterprise customers, e-commerce marketplaces, system integrators, ASP’s and web designers using proprietary technology to remain automated and scalable across geographically remote locations. The Dedigate solution allows for the rapid integration and deployment of their products in each of Terremark’s Internet exchanges around the world.

Dedigate was a pioneer in complex dedicated hosting (European based)

The firm was a pioneer in early cloud computing with Incubaid team members playing a key role in cloud strategy and cloud implementation towards Terremark and Verizon

Over 70 U.S., European and Asian enterprises are customers of Dedigate, including Exostar, Quadrem, Kelkoo, Pfizer, Samsonite and Pioneer


Part of Verizon, a global telecom giant that acquired Terremark and all the cloud activities of Dedigate
- Terremark was acquired by Verizon in order to boost its cloud strategy Read News Announcement Verizon
- Dedigate is the technology foundation for the Verizon cloud: The Enterprise Cloud