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Decentralized Home Rental Platform

Eliminating  the middleman by building a
trustworthy community within the rental market and, as a result, a better world for everyone to live in.

Current Challenges


Overpriced Market

• Landlords pay up to 13% of annual rent to find a tenant
and an additional 10% for property management


Complex Legislation

• 150+ letting laws (up to £30k fines)


Bad Tenants

• 51% of landlords have had a difficult tenant



• 50h spent per tenant application

Honest Homes Solution

An End-To-End Digital and Decentralised Platform

Smart and decentralised technology based on 
Threefold solution to manage the entire letting process.


Saves and protects Landlords Money

• Freemium first to acquire a maximum of users then only 3% of annual rent from 2021, possible thanks to our unlimited scalability and integrated digital ecommerce

• Tokens backed by real assets (Gold)

• Digital escrow


Legal protection

•  KYC and AML resolved with your digital avatar & 5 step identification process (3Bot ID app)

• Digital Notary on Blockchain

• Embedded compliance check

• GDPR solved thanks to our circular system


Reduces Risk of Bad Tenants 

• Reviews and ratings of all users

• Loyalty tokens on Blockchain

• Reputation system: HonestHome score on Blockchain


Saves Landlords Time

• Automation of letting process reduces journey from weeks to days

Honest Homes Video Demo

Honest Homes Roadmap

Q2 2019

Beta Delivered

Version 1.0 of the Platform is delivered featuring:
Offers Negotiation
Digital Contract
Compliance Checks
and More

Q1 2020

Decentralisation of the platform

Migration from AWS to TF grid
Implementation of 3Bot ID and digital wallet
implementation of decentralised bank

Q2 2020

Property Management Features

Reconciliation of the tenancy ledger
Rent collection
Contractors UI

Q3 2020

Commercial Launch

Commercial launch in the UK

Q4 2020

Global Launch

International expansion


We believe doing good for the world and doing business can go hand in hand.