Founded in 2000

Hostbasket was on of the 2 startups which Kristof created when he left PSINet. At PSINet Kristof had build multiple datacenters and one of the first complex managed hosting providers in the world. PSINet was the first American commercial ISP in the world, with the biggest network at that point. Kristof and his co-founder Alex wanted to build a 100% automated platform to allow small and mid sized companies to fulfill all their hosting requirements.

Hostbasket became the largest hosting service provider in the Benelux, and was pioneer in virtual private servers and the first cloud. Hostbasket also developed the cloud platform for Telenet, which is still widely used with many Belgium SMB companies.

Hostbaskets platform was capable to manage its +30000 customers 99% automatic. There were control panels for everything which was very innovative at that time.

Exit: 2008

Telenet acquired Hostbasket in 2008, so it could strengthen its product portfolio in combination with their access/connectivity business. Telenet has high-speed cable going into every company in Belgium. Even today, the Hostbasket cloud is still the foundation for the Telenet cloud business. Telenet is the 2nd largest telco operator in Belgium.


The activities of Hostbasket were centered around domain names, shared hosting, dedicated servers, and cloud applications, such as hosted exchange and sharepoint for the SMB market. Hostbasket had more than 30.000 customers when Telenet acquired the business.


- First hosting service provider hosting 5000+ servers
- Highly profitable due to the recurring revenue model
- All hosting and cloud activities for Telenet, for nearly 10 years