Founded in 2018

the Jimber security broker can host HTML and JavaScript based web applications and exposes these applications as a stream of graphics comparable to remote environments.

For the end user the difference to a normal website / application is very minimal. By using our broker that keeps all security risks in the contained environment, it is possible to achieve a level of security far beyond the possibilities of today.

Furthermore, using the Jimber security broker it is possible to develop a website for only one browser (Chrome) but expose it through every browser version that supports canvas/webgl.

Jimber Features

Native feel: users will hardly notice a security component is used between them and untrusted resources.

Secure: full separation of the internet and confidential company data. -Traceable: full control and traceability of user activity.

Jimber security broker can be used as a reverse proxy, fully separating applications from the, sometimes evil, internet. For the users web-applications are still available like any other website, but no http-endpoints of the application are reachable from the public internet. Furthermore, malicious software on the client device will not be able to interact with our broker.