Jan De Landtsheer

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At Work. Jan has been with Incubaid since the very beginning as head of research and development.

Jan’s field of expertise is not one but many. You could say he’s one of Kristof’s go-to guys when it comes to fixing anything networking related. There hasn’t been a datacenter in the Incubaid family that held secrets from Jan, and if they did he would find them and probably make even the secrets more efficient.

Currently Jan is Head of R&D at Incubaid and ThreeFold.tech.

At Play. Jan used to be a true daredevil. If he wasn’t driving his 1200 cc Ducati he would be climbing rock faces all over Europe. Although he still enjoys looking at these things he now chooses a more relaxing lifestyle. Cuddling his 14 kilogram cats, hanging out in his sauna, and practicing nerdy mindfulness by figuring out how to embed Rust code on tiny circuit boards.