Kristof De Spiegeleer

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At Work. Kristof is a humanist & motivated entrepreneur, passionate about helping to make the world a better place.

Open source software that creates neutral, green and affordable internet capacity, by people, for people. 100% decentralized.

He has a history of inventing and developing new IT infrastructure systems (storage, automation, cloud computing). Kristof has founded more than 10 companies of which 6 have been acquired by large IT players. He was lucky to be part of the first teams building the Internet and has helped to grow datacenters & ISPs mainly in Europe.

Currently Kristof is CEO of Incubaid, as well as the ThreeFold Foundation, and ThreeFold Tech. He strongly believes there is need for a decentralized, neutral, affordable, green internet (owned by billions).

Spare time. Although very fond of being in front of his computer coding, in his spare time Kristof loves being outdoors. Hiking, sailing, kitesurfing, you name it, Kristof can do it (– some things better than the others, but he's always looking to grow). A business, a sport, whatever you throw at him, Kristof's reply will be, "Let's go."