Powering ThreeFold Tech

Our experience as technology enterpreneurs has led us to found Incubaid. Since 2000 we have been exiting a number of startups to superior technology giants. Companies such as Oracle, Verizon, Hitachi Data Systems, have established billion dollar revenue streams in datacenter, storage and cloud services, using technology, products and companies that were founded by Incubaid.

Throughout the years we gathered capital, financial and legal advisory, disruptive technology and a network of very experienced and international startup veterans that support a portfolio of early-stage startups and ThreeFold Tech our portfolio company. Incubaid is unique as it has been carefully growing the intelectual property while generating serious returns for its investors.

Besides ThreeFold Tech, the areas of incubation and innovation are centered around blockchain, new digital currencies, next generation mobile applications and the democratization of the Internet, making it greener, with respect for individual freedom and privacy, while leveling the playing field for emerging markets and new digital economies to realize its full potential using internet platforms provided by ThreeFold Tech and Incubaid.