A farming cooperative that supports the growth of the Threefold Grid

Support the grid by buying capacity units, hosting P2P nodes or deploying workloads.

Mazraa is an independent Farming Cooperative based in Dubai UAE. It runs a hosting farm of +120 servers. They are amongst the first farmers on the ThreeFold Grid and farm tokens on a monthly basis. It is a founding capacity farmer on the ThreeFold Network and actively supports the expansion and adoption of ThreeFold's P2P Cloud. Mazraa's focus is to provide P2P Cloud capacity for developers, nodes for new and existing farmers, as well as, providing over the counter access to TFT's to enable reservations of Internet capacity.

Capacity Units

Purchasing ThreeFold Tokens (TFT) enables users to access and reserve P2P cloud capacity on the ThreeFold Grid. A unit of TFT is utilized to reserve capacity in the form of either; SU Storage Units, NU Network Units and CU Compute Units.

P2P Nodes

Become a digital "Farmer" on the ThreeFold Network by hosting P2P capacity nodes, which produces the most efficient, accessible and decentralized IT capacity. Our nodes enable capacity providers to earn by hosting the expansion of the internet.

Deploy Workloads

If you are a developer or enterprise interested running cloud work loads on TheeFold's P2P Cloud capacity, please send mazraa an email with a request for capacity access and we will be happy to get you started or visit