Founded in 2006

Q-layer was founded by Kristof & co-founders in 2006 to build the foundation of what many people today call the cloud. Kristof is passionate about automation systems and could not understand why they were so complex and not effective. In Q-layer a new system was invented which allowed highly complex systems to be managed but even more importantly to allow the automation system to grow without adding to the complexity. The approach of Q-layer is still being used in any of the new startups of incubaid.

Q-layer was one of the first companies in the industry to create and end2end cloud automation product. Q-layer created & invented the virtual datacenter concept where complex IT resources where managed in what we called Virtual Datacenters at that point. Q-layer was converging storage, virtualization & networking in 1 stack.

Exit: 2009

Sun Microsystems wanted to become a competitor of Amazon Webservices and with the acquisition of Q-layer was hoping to integrate and automate its vast set of technology components. Q-layer’s technology simplifies and automates the deployment and management of both public and private clouds and allows users to quickly provision and deploy applications, a key component in Sun’s refocused strategy,

Acquired by SUN Microsystems (now Oracle) in 2009

Q-layer was the last acquisition in the history of SUN Microsystems, before Oracle acquired it

Probably first startup in the world:
- Creating an end to end automation product for ultra complex cloud environments, at a time when there was only virtualization
- promoting Virtual Datacenter Concept (VDC)

Q-layer worked closely together with players like VMWare to establish future direction of the cloud.

After acquisition

SUN Microsystems acquired Q-layer to be the foundation of their new cloud strategy. Incubaid was advisor for Sun’s global cloud positioning and strategy. Their cloud strategy was seen as last attempt for SUN to reinvent itself