Founded in 2009, now part of GreenITGlobe

Incubaid has founded Racktivity in 2009, with as goal to make datacenters eco-friendly and green.

Datacenters are globally massive consumers of electricity. Millions of servers are running without knowledge or insights in efficiency and power utilization. Racktivity has a portfolio of energy management systems for datacenter racks and individual servers, in which the uptime of the servers can also be remotely managed.

In 2016 Green IT Globe acquired Racktivity.

The integration of the Racktivity energy management stack & power and uptime management devices into the Green IT Globe product makes it possible to run internet datacenters in remote locations across the world, in which electricity is scarce and brownouts are daily reality.

Product Design

Racktivity was formed with the aim of helping customers understand and control energy distribution in near real-time across the enterprise. With this enhanced visibility, organisations can better align IT business operations with their true cost. Racktivity provides extreme granularity to our customers across their entire enterprise, across structures, sites and geographies.