Founded in 2016, Now part of GreenITGlobe

Incubaid and Green IT Globe have started as technology-led private blockchain initiative as alternative to having a fully public and uncontrolled network and state machine secured by cryptoeconomics (eg. proof of work, proof of stake). With it is also possible to have a blockchain technology framework where access permissions are regulated by the Itsyou.Online user, with rights to modify or even read the blockchain state restricted to a new public-private voting mechanism, while still maintaining many kinds of partial guarantees of authenticity and decentralization that blockchains provide.

Product Design is driving a service model on top of new blockchain models. and Green IT Globe can provision the ultimate compute power to keep the private blockchain growing and secured, while users can execute more and more secure transactions. Using the mobile application framework of Rogerthat you can enable mobile users to define business processes directly on their private blockchain. This has tremendous value to the end-user in terms of privacy and secure execution of transaction, without having a service provider acting as middleman.


At Incubaid we believe a public blockchain model is not scalable, nor usable:

- transactions and business processes should not need to become visible or transparent
- mining of the distributed ledger becomes a very polluting business, example bitcoin
- blockchain implementations should not be overly complex and have to be simplified
- mining should be done by green companies, providing low-energy compute capacity


Our ultimate goal is to become a platform-as-a-service partner to many businesses that want to benefit from green and private blockchain

- identity management
- Rogerthat enterprise mobility
- HumanEnergyToken virtual currency