Founded in 2011, Now part of GreenITGlobe

Rogerthat OneApp Product for Operators

Mobile operators looking to provide more unified data services to its subscribers can benefit from the OneApp infrastructure to provide:

- mobile data cloud for storing personal information, pictures, videos, etc
- mobile communication platform for community formation or subscriber marketing
- mobile content cloud for premium content and delivery of content local to the subscriber

Rogerthat OneApp Product for Enterprises

Rogerthat is a piece of infrastructure that simplifies development, deployment, training and security problems compared to a traditional mobile communication systems. Rogerthat consists of one single app for your company, which can be extended by the various departments, building their mobile solutions inside the ‘company employees app’. Employees install the OneApp on their mobile phone. The app is automatically enriched with functionalities based on the employee’s role or interests. When an enterprise department releases a new solution or solution update, this is automatically pushed to the employee OneApp, without requiring any action by the employee.

Why Rogerthat?

We live in world where more and more governments and large commercial giants are trying to read our personal information. The OneApp infrastructure, powered by Rogerthat enables enterprises and operators to provide a true secure and private communication and cloud platform to its users.