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An investment cooperative that aims to protect and preserve natural rainforest ecosystems.

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Rainforests are the lungs of our planet and they are in peril.

They are being replaced by vast mono-crop agriculture and pastures for farm animals. Globalized industrialized food is not cheap: it is costly for the earth, for the farmers, and our health. The Earth can no longer carry the burden of groundwater mining, pesticide pollution, disappearance of species, and destabilization of the climate.

Our Solution


Protect wild rivers and healthy forests that naturally sustain clean water supplies


Establish land buffers between organic farmers and industrial mono-crop farming


Promote environmentally-responsible and regenerative agriculture


Provide opportunities for consumers to experience natural products


Square Meters of Protected Land Targeted

Talamanca Land Bank Roadmap

Q2 2019

Land Bank Inception

Talamanca Land Bank Project Establishment
Defining Talamanca Land Bank Goals

Q4 2019

First 1 Million Square Meters

Purchase First Large Patch of Buffer Land

Q1/Q2 2020

Expand Landbank acquisitions

3 Million Square Meters Added


We believe doing good for the world and doing business can go hand in hand.