Founded in 2017

ThreeFold Foundation: Responsible Internet For All. ThreeFold Foundation is the foremost user of the components created by ThreeFold Tech to create a fully decentralized and democratized internet for all. The Blockchain powered internet grid already has well over 10 times more capacity in the field than all other blockchain + internet startups combined.

ThreeFold Foundation uses the Zero-Chain technology to enable payment for storage and compute resources througout the grid. The token used for this is called the Threefold Token. The grid itself continues to grow with more and more “farmers” joining each day. Besides Zero Chain, Zero OS also plays a big role in the project. Allowing users to run any workload on top of the farmers’ hardware.

ThreeFold Grid Use-Cases

Utility use cases

TF Grid technology is ideal for traditional utility use cases such as web content, e-commerce sites, photo storage and music streaming. It allows a more economical, secure and robust delivery of capacity for any current and future online activity.

Storage and Archive

Independent studies show that each day the growth of information that we create and store is increasing exponentially. In a nutshell, we simply require more storage and archiving capacity than is currently provide-. TF Grid’s technology can be used to create storage and archiving solutions at almost infinite scale, and at a fraction of the cost.

Distributed always on applications

The future is distributed. Applications will no longer exist in centralized private or public datacenters. Applications are getting smaller and more specialized to fulfil a single purpose. These applications need to live on minimal utility. The TF Grid is designed to allow distributed applications to exist anywhere.

Internet of things

The Internet of things means that all devices will have smart components and be connected to the internet. This creates an environment where applications can run everywhere and data is collected and can be processed from anywhere. In this world, a ubiquitous utility for local compute and storage is as necessary as the electricity we expect to be available to power our mobile devices, homes and businesses.

Self Healing Components

One of the key differentiators on the ThreeFold Grid is the 100% self healing abilities made possible by the Zero Robots on the grid. A general purpose bot that can be ‘trained’ to perform millions of different tasks. Like human beings that can develop themselves into artists, scientists or doctors by the Zero Robot ‘lives’ on the Zero OS operating system and can be trained to perform tasks on Zero OS,system administration tasks, data processing tasks, data storage tasks, etc. The Zero Robot accepts tasks that are agreed and stored on the Zero Chain.