Founded in 2000

Achim Hasenmueller founded Virtualbox in 2000. Hypervisor software developed by Innotek GmbH, a Weinstadt, Germany-based supplier of virtualization software. Incubaid only much later came into the picture where Kristof became friends with Achim and helped the company to get acquired by Sun Microsystems. Achim and Kristof have partnered in quite some other Incubaid startups since then.

Exit: 2008

Acquired by SUN Microsystems (now Oracle) in 2008. It enabled all developers worldwide with a more performing hypervisor that can be installed locally. Virtualbox is the most popular DevOps hypervisor in the world.


- The first neutral hypervisor in the world
- When acquired it had more than 5.000.000 users
- Virtualbox had more than 1.000.000 downloads per week
- Incubaid has led the technology positioning and exit to SUN


- Virtualbox is still the most downloaded hypervisor in the world~
- Virtualbox is the most efficient hypervisor for local installation
- Virtualbox is the most popular DevOps hypervisor for 20 million developers